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RECA History

RECA in Review

In October 1975 the first meeting of the Richmond Area Association for Early Childhood Education was held at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Mary Landis, RAAECE’s founder, served as the organization’s first President.

In 1976 RAAECE became an affiliate group of the Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education (VAECE), the Southern Early Childhood Association (then known as the Southern Association for Children Under Six) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

In l978 RAECE developed the publication and slide show presentation entitled “A Guide to Child Advocacy.” In 1993 RAAECE’s name was shortened to the Richmond Early Childhood Association (RECA).

From 2002-2004 RECA’s President, Jeanne Jones, successfully led the RECA Board through NAEYC “Reaffiliation,” a process designed to increase the professionalism of all the NAEYC Affiliates.

In 2015 NAEYC Affiliates are involved in a National Dialogue to create a new “High PerformingInclusive” Affiliate Structure for NAEYC.

Past Presidents

1975-1982 Mary Landis
1982-1985 Beverly Graubics
1985-1988 Gypsy Holt
1991-1993 Mary Hiteman
1993-1995 Marilyn Rice
1995-1997 Betty Young
1997-2000 Suzanne Cousins
2000-2002 Margaret Collins
2002-2004 Jeanne Jones
2004-2006 Ginny Brenner
2006-2008 Barbara Crump
2008-2010 Elaine Kastelberg & Susan Rawls Co-Presidents
2010-2012 Elaine Kastelberg & Susan Rawls Co-Presidents
2012-2014 Muriel Azria-Evans & Debbi Heist Co-Presidents

Recipient of the RECA Educator of the Year Award

2010- 2011 Ginny Brenner

2011- 2012 Mary Landis

2012- 2013 Jeanne Jones

2013- 2014 Patsy Moon

2014- 2015 Donna Peters

RECA Early Awards

2002 Early Childhood Advocate of the Year - Jeanne Jones

2002 Early Childhood Teacher of the Year - Jeanne Tyler

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